I’ve heard once that one of our biggest economic failure to come is the lack young brothers and sisters entering the Tech market. Particularly in the field of computer programming a simple idea can potentially net an individual up to $25M! Simple games that you can buy for a dollar on your IPhone are making people ten times richer from less work than your average athlete or rapper but it is our inexperience in the basic fundamentals like science, and math, both universal studies to all that keeps out of this lucrative market. BLACK MALES make up a large percentage of computer/console gaming but only 2% of game developers are Black. By the year 2020 there will be 2.1M jobs in the STEM field and with 5% of bachelors degrees going to African Americans we will surely, yet again be left behind. But fear not! Thanks to the great people at Black Enterprise and the “Hackathon” event Black programmers are popping up to take advantage of the new opportunities. You can learn more here……….http://www.blackenterprise.com/technology/black-computer-programmers-why-we-need-them/


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