In his last year as president of the United States Barack Obama is set out to overturn a bill written by his Vice President and signed by former president Bill Clinton in 1994. The Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement act (H.R. 3355 Crime Bill) had a couple of agendas. Although it provided that states create sex offender registries it provided a 10 year ban on assault rifles (ending in 2004) $9.7M for prisons and overturning the Higher Education Act of 1965 allowing inmates to receive PELL Grants for higher education.  This alone kept criminals from truly reforming by adding to the fact that they’ve lost their rights and employment eligibility with having the inability to gain an education to put them back into society as tax paying citizens. Obama believes this increases recidivism, homelessness and federal debt.  If you’re interested in reading the revolutionary plan and loophole the president discovered with the department of education read the source article here at

Clinton’s Crime Bill May Have Blocked Pell Grants for Convicts, but Obama’s Administration Just Found a Way Around it After 22 Years