This is one thing we all struggle with, trying to make ends meet and save money. At first we think its impossible, but there are ways to do it. You must first have to do it SMART. Heres ways I personally save:

1) BRING LUNCH TO WORK- I saved $50-$60 a week or $200-$240 a month by avoiding 7-eleven or McDonalds and bringing homemade sandwiches or leftovers from home.

2) SWITCHING CAR INSURANCE- No joke I saved $90 a month by switching to GEICO.

3) SIDE WORK- By trade Im an Electrician but I make a couple bucks here and there helping out neighbors. One in particular pays me $200 a month to mow her town every 2wks.

4) OVERTIME- Whenever Offered I do overtime. Mostly I do no less than 8hrs or a day in overtime. And lets not forget overtime pays “Time and a half!”

These are methods I use. But for other ways check out this website….



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