“The Mis-Education of The Negro” by Dr.Carter G. Woodson.

Dr. Carter GWoodson, the “Father of Black History month” writes in this book the socioeconomical impact of White eeducation on Black children. He talks in depth how “Choosing” to be taught by the oppresor directly affects our place in America. Written in 1933 its more relavent now than it was then.

“Black Economics” by Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu.

Possibly the most Powerful book you’ll ever own Dr Kunjufu tells you why theres foreign businesses in your neighborhood and their purpose of depleting you of financial independence and healthy food choices in exchange for convenience. Not only does he gives the problem but he also gives the solution.

These books compliment each other. One breaks down Education the other Economics. I believe it is both that is required for common living and it is the lack of both that keeps us “Out” of the equation.





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