Heres a kist of the top 15 accomplishments of America’s 44th president, The first “Black” President Barack Hussein Obama!

1). Passed Healthcare reform.

2). Passed the stimulus.

3). Passed Wall street reform.

4). Ended the war in Iraq.

5). Began drawdown of war in Afghanistan.

6). Eliminated Osama BinLaden.

7). Turned around the auto industry.

8). Repealed “Dont ask dont tell”

9). Passed fair sentencing act.

10). Provided 4.6 Billion dollars for wronged Minority Farmers.

11). Improved school nutrition.

12). Expanded hate crimes protection.

13). Kicked banks out of fed student loan programs and extended pell grants for prisoners.

14). Reversed Bush era torture policies.

15). Showed African Americans in the white house.

These are only 15. To read in detail the “Top 50” visit this link….