Rapper 2Chainz is famous for his witty flamboyant and country twanged punchlines that have captivated millions of fans worldwide. But what people didn’t know was the college educated “Taheed Epps” is a great business man. Thinking of ways to improve his merchandise line 2Chainz and his partner came up with the Christmas themed “Dabbing Santa” adding to his line he immediately hit the media and web capitalizing on the “Dab” the newest dance at the time. Sweaters started flyers gn off the shelves. On the first day of sale they were up $30,000 by the end of the week $2Mil. All off an ugly Christmas sweater. Perfect timing! BUT IT DONT STOP THERE!!!!! They also just created a gold and diamond encrusted Santa sweater which was auctioned off for $90K with all proceeds going to his TRU Foundation aimed at helping the youth of Atlanta’s south side.