British actor and SAG Award winner Idris Elba is known for playing a variety of characters all with different occupations, but all in different movies and shows. In real life though he juggles multiple jobs himself!

In his time since he appeared on American TV starring in HBO’s “The Wire” hes produced movies, regularly DJs at clubs, Professionally Kickbox and released an album.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal he talked about his numerous projects as well as his knack for producing, and running a clothing company and a record company while being an artist himself and of course acting.

What struck me was when he talked about how no ideal is original and as the continued saying goes, “Its not about what you do its how its done”

“It sounds poetic but no ideas are original. What that means is someone’s always tried or failed in whatever you’re doing. Whatever it is, someones done it somewhere in a span of time. And to study someones mistake is key to your success”

I struggle with this alot trying to be The first to get something out. Things like money or help holds us back and we end up watching someone else live out our dream. Or we find we’re reliving someone elses dream and might not want to step on any toes. But everything, even new is a product of evolution, an improvement of something that once was.

SOURCE: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2017/01/10/idris-elba-on-100-streets-the-biggest-business-lesson-he-learned-and-directing-yardie/


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