With the release of Rapper Gucci Mane theres been an obvious difference in his character and appearence. Many people have come to believe that this is not the TrapStar rapper but a clone.

In actuality this is the new and improved Gucci, The newly clean and healthy Radric Davis. In the 3 years hes spent in prison he had alot to think about. Mostly his health, both physically and Mentally.

Due to slavery and the historic exclusions and socioeconomic disparities we face continually in America many African Americans live in improvished areas that lack in opportunity, education and health. This leads to substance abuse, crime, and of all, Mental health issues.

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s arguably the worst era for a Black man to grow up in. Young Radric would grow up to be a “Gangsta” luckily he had the skill and knowledge (and money) to transition to Rap stardom. But demons follow you wherever you go.

In 2005 Gucci was to be sent to jail for murder but the charges were dropped. At the time he alleged it was in self defense. Gucci felt his life was in danger and his drug abuse grew.

As with many Black men Gucci suffered from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While some wont understand think of it as being a “Child Soldier” serving 3 years for his last offense made him sober up and think about his future. At the time he was becoming a rapper who almost had it all but let his past take it away. It was really the drug abuse and the mental health issues he had to endure.

“I had time to sit back and evaluate everything, and also dry out from the drugs. I tried to make the time work for me the best I could,” said Gucci. “I didn’t want to live my life in prison. So I was like, one thing I need to do is be totally sober. I need to have complete clarity. I need to have razor sharp focus on everything I do, every day from when I wake up to when I went to sleep”

Since his release hes delt with his demons and made peace with his enemies. He claims complete sobriety and has been back at work hitting the studio and the road.

Now Gucci has a community of fans who grew to become stars themselves and jumped at the chance to be mentored by their idol first hand. But they’re basing their knowledge off the man he used to be. Can he convince them to ride with the man he is today?




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