Born in 1545 Gasper Yanga was born  into the royal family of Gabon in the Gabonese Republic, Africa before he was captured and sold into slavery. Around 1570 he led a band of slaves escaping to the highlands near Veracruz. In isolation they built a small colony that became home to many runaways and protected it for over 30 years.

In 1609 the Spanish government decided they had to take back the territory and sought to raid the villiage. Yanga sent back a captured Spaniard with a request for a peace treaty like the one made between the Spanish and the natives which would give him self rule and aid to the spanish in times of war. The Spanish wasn’t “feelin” that so they went to war.

The spanish finally agreed to the terms in 1618. Today the town in the Veracruz province is known as “Yanga” Five decades after Mexico’s independence he was named a national hero.




SOURCE: Wikipedia


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