This past friday Netflix premiered the 2014 film “Imperial Dreams” starring John Boyega, Keke Palmer, Glen Plummer, Kelita Smith and Anika Noni Rose.

The film centered around a young man newly released from prison tring to pursue his career as a writer while taking care of his son. But the perils of the streets keep calling him back into action.

I felt the movie to be very touching and real. As Blackmen we’re born into a corrupt world designed for us to fail. For survival we have to become products of our environment becoming soldiers of poverty. When a light shines at the end if the tunnel for salvation and freedom we have to decide whether its beneficial to remain in a world you’re familier with or take a leap of faith to discover a better life.

John Boyega shined bright as the lead trying to change his life and teach his son right while living homeless. Every challenge a Blackman faces is present. Does he survive? Does his son?

Watch the movie on Netflix today!


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