From Co-Founder and Publisher La’Var J. Battles.

What is a “Black Masculist”? Well lets break down the words. “BLACK” Not necessarily meaning a particular color but more so the Socioeconomic and political group as defined in the 60s of those of African desent oppresed in the United States. “MASCULIST” or “MASCULINIST” is one who advocates for the rights of men. The term derives from “MASCULINISM” in contrast to “FEMINISM” the advocacy of and for the rights of Women. So a “BLACK MASCULIST” or “THE BLACK MASCULIST” is one who’s an advocate of the Social, Economic, and Political rights of Men of African desent in the United states of America.

First and Foremost “Black Masculinism” is in no way opposed to  Feminism or any ism although all ISMS in some shape have been opposed to “Black Men” The goal simply is to promote the Advancement, Education and Achievements of the most disrepected group of people in america, Black Males. It is through Black Masculinism that the Black Man can take his rightful place Back in his home caring and protecting his family and in society advancing the nation.

The Black Masculist does not discriminate against shade, nation, age, sexual orientation, preferation, education, religion or political afiliation. As history has taught us, it doesnt matter if you’re light skinned or dark, gay or straight, muslim or christian, democrat or republican, Ben Carson or Tookie Williams. If wanted you both will be “Hanged”

In history we as Black people have fought long and hard against racial inequality to pretty much no avail. All this has done The Black Masculist feels is seperate us into joining other groups to lessen our struggle in joining with groups we feel have a better chance. All this does is lessen us as a people, as human. Black men has died for and by this country with no representation even though every Black organization started FOR black people came on the verge of the extinction of the Black Male. By not acknowledging this we continue to struggle. How can we have movements for Black lives but not acknowledge the lives lost, the jobs lost, the humanity lost of the progenitor of BLACK LIVES? As we die our Women and Children gets funded, fed, sheltered and educated by the very ones who murders us!

Information is KING! Knowledge is everything. We judge by what we see so the media plays the most major role in the extinction of the Black Male. With that said The Black Masculist sole mission is to change the way we are seen in the media. Our mission is to show you that which you dont know about yourself. Media has used images of Black men to discourage Black Men from being BLACK MEN! In so along with the systematic institution of racism widens the gap between Teacher and student, Father and Child, Husband and Wife, Man and Woman until our family is no more. It starts with us!

Unknown Black Masculists:



For years Rapper Snoop Dogg has coached young Black males in pee wee football in his own league taking some to college including his son who plays for UCLA.



Every ten years The Honrable Minister Louis Farakahn gathers over a million Black males in his “Million Man Marches” to create brotherhood and solutions for our people.



Unknown to most cause the media never covers it. Former prez. Barack H. Obama initiated his “My Brother’s Keeper” program which pools Fed and participating state funds to give young Black males a fighting chance to compete for success. Hes also overturned the 1994 crime bill which sent Black Males to prison serving harsh sentences for minor crimes. Currently Black men serving unfair sentences  are being released all over the country.



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