In a post before we did about the battle between Black Farmers and the United States government we talked about not only the neglect of black farmers by delaying their loans but also the importance of farming for better health and improving our environment and neighborhoods. Heres excerpts from and interview by NPR with President of the National Black Farmers Association John Boyd Jr.

On being a Farmer:

First and foremost Im always a Farmer. But Im always looking to make Farming better. My Fathers a Farmer, I watched him Farm, my grandfather was a Farmer. My Mothers father was a sharecropper and they taught me to Farm.

My Father taught me early on that the land is the most important tool a person can possess. He taught me if I treat the land good it will take care of me. He said the land didnt mistreat anybody, didnt discriminate. The people did that.

On the lawsuit against the deaprtment ofAgriculture:

Basically it was the government discriminating against Black Farmers for not lending them money on time and not processing their loan applications. Farmers are faced with acts of nature, like hurricanes and tornadoes, we should never be faced with the hand of the government.

On why Black Farming matters:

Its part of our great history. We all came from the Farm. But it has a negative stigma cause we were brought here to Farm. But today we are dieing from everything: Obisity, heart diesease, diabetes and its all from the foods we eat. I think if we got reconnected with the Farm everything would be better. I would like to see our people go back to land ownership.

To read more or herethe full interview visit……..  http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2016/02/14/466565785/farmer-john-boyd-jr-wants-african-americans-to-reconnect-with-farming



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