Lets get straight to the point. American media is ignoring the fact that Black and Latina Women and girls are missing in large numbers. In a time where everyone’s screaming “All Lives Matter” and protesting for Gay and Transgender rights no one is acknowledging the fact that women of color are being kidnapped to never be heard from again. Whether sex trafficking or organ harvesting we don’t know, but what I do know is that this is unacceptable! As I type this no coverage of this is on the late night news but social media is on fire! WE AS BLACKMEN need to stand up to this atrocity. The most precious gift on Earth are being abducted and what are we doing about it? The Black Masculist site is all about peace but there is no peace for Black men without the Black woman. For centuries our women have been used and abused for their natural gifts and not only do we allow this to happen but some of us are apart of it! In 1996 MY sister was abducted and brutally murdered for nothing!! There is an outright war on us as BLACKMEN but there is also an indirect war on our woman. Without them there is no us and every Blackman, YES YOU! Need to do everything in your power to protect your women, OUR WOMEN! These are our Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Neices, Cousins, Daughters! The disrespect for our women is disgusting! And we’re losing them in more ways than one. We need to respect, protect and cherish our women for without them WE DIE!

Please share this #bringbackourgirlsNOW


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