1st Black Billionaire Robert “Bob” Johnson the founder of B.E.T. is calling for an independent Political party for African Americans.

Excerpt from interview with Blackonomics:

“Then you lay on the other issue that the demographics of the nation are changing where 20 to 30 years ago African Americans were the dominant minority group. Now as you go into 2020 Hispanics outnumber black people, and they are scattered throughout the various states and also divided by cultural ethnicity based on their place of origin. So Mexicans are not the same as people from Central and South America, Puerto Ricans aren’t the same as Cubans. And so you have this dichotomy of populations in the largest minority population that allows them the flexibility based on their cultural attitudes and origin to vote across party lines. They will vote Democrat in some states. They will vote Republican in some states. But it’s not a homogeneous vote, one way or the other. And then you look at us. We are a block vote; we vote 95 percent one way”

He goes on to talk about how local elections matter more and that we need to look outside the usual 2 parties, Republican and Democratic as they haven’t done really much for Black people. He also talks about our power being marginalized and used for “others” political power. this pretty interesting coming from the man who became the 1st Black billionaire buy selling the 1st ever all black network.

let us not forget that Robert “Bobby” Seale, the co founder of The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was the only one to do this when he sent the word out to close all chapters and consolidated the party when he ran for Mayor of Oakland in 1973.

To read more of Bob Johnsons interesting interview visit…..


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