Here’s the CW’s 1st look at Cress Williams (Living Single, Prison Break) as “The Black Lightning” a DC Comics superhero created in the 1970s. Black Lightning is a fixture in the DC comics world being a member of The Justice League and The Outsiders, but as many Great Black heroes he mostly goes unnoticed to the public.

A Gold Medal winning Olympic Decathlete Jefferson Peirce welds the power of electricity. Like The Flash his powers and potential are seemingly innumerable and he doesn’t waste time putting them on display. Black Lightning was the late comic book writer and creator Dewayne McDuffie’s inspiration for “Static Shock” a comic of his own which had a hit TV cartoon. McDuffie would go on to write for DC including credits for writing the best in DC animated movies.

This long awaited show is just another step in promoting positive Black male images on TV by giving our youth something we didn’t have a kids, the popularity of Superheroes that looks like us!


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