In his pro mixed martial arts career starting in 2007 Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has earned an impressive 26-2 record Conquering the UFC’s inaugural Flyweight tournament in 2012 aand defending his title a consecutive 10 times tying legendary fighter Anderson Silva’s record for most defenses.

A fighter in the smallest men’s division in MMA “Mighty Mouse’s” reign went unnoticed as people tend to pay more attention to the knockout action of higher weight bouts. And while fans were waiting for the next Heavyweight fight or wait for which belt or sport Conor McGregor wants to tackle Johnson was active fighting up to 4 times a year against some of the best fighters in the world. And last Saturday was no different.

This defense, his 10th was to put Johnson up there with greats in fighting history, George’s St Pierre, Anderson Silvia, Muhammad Ali, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. This fight would make him “Pound for Pound, the Greatest Fighter in the World!” The fight was phenomenal as he destroyed top Brazilian Wilson Reis crushing him in the 3rd to take the victory without breaking a sweat.

In his post fight interview he explained how he treats every fight like it’s his first and his goal is complete domination. His humble yet confident and professional manner got me thinking about life’s obstacles and the battles we face every day. As a Martial Artist myself over time I gravitated away from the physical aspect and more towards the Mental arts and the Self defense of the Mind and spirit. Inspiring me in many ways I came up with these 15 traits of a true champion I learned from watching “DJ” over the years:

1). STAY HUNGRY- Physically everyday is a new day to eat, to feed our hunger. Mentally everyday is a new opportunity to succeed. Stay Hungry.

2). ADAPT- Change is constant, that is a definite. You can’t predict nor control the change, but you can control your preparation for the change and preparation is the best progress.

3). STAY CONDITIONED- How often do you practice, train or study your craft? New advances in technology and life happens everyday and there’s always someone gunning for YOUR spot. Are you prepared to defend your position? Can you?

4). NEVER UNDERESTIMATE- Until we discover how to read minds we’ll never know what others are thinking or planning.

5). FINISH THE FIGHT- Never present an opportunity for you to lose.

6). KNOW YOUR OPPONENT- You can never know Everything but you can always know More!

7). STAY TRAINING- Never stop learning. The more tools you have in your belt the more things you can build.

8). PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL- Always be observant. Listen carefully cause Failure always warns you first.

9). STAY ACTIVE- The body don’t work if the body don’t move. Success is hard to earn so work hard and be efficient.

10). PACE YOURSELF- Take your time but don’t waste it! Two things to never waste besides money, Time & Energy! Use every minute.

11). REMAIN DOMINANT- Never lose control of the situation or task.

12). FOCUS- Don’t get frustrated. Attainment of a goal is 90% Mental, 10% physical.

13). BE TECHNICAL- It’s one thing to have tools. It’s another thing to know how to use them.

14). CUT OFF THE RING- Pinpoint your goal and attack it head on. Put life in a corner, don’t let it put you in a corner.

15). HAVE CONFIDENCE- Above all else believe in yourself. No one knows you more than you know yourself. You’re “Your Self” 1,440 minutes a day, everyday since birth. The minute someone knows you more than you know yourself you’ve defeated yourself. Know thyself and believe in the power blessed from above.


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