Tyler Perry is one of the most revolutionary Black men in entertainment history. Having amassed a fortune with his stage plays, movies and shows he’s become the Epitome of slogans like “DIY” and “Buy Black” Regardless of the wealth of Oprah, the celebrity of Jay Z, the brand power of Michael Jordan, the media genius of Bob Johnson and the controversy of filmmaker Spike Lee. Tyler Perry is the first African American to own his own studio where he writes, directs, produce and funds his own block buster projects! All showcasing everyday life of Blacks living in America. Starting out as a playwright living in his car he had a dream, and that dream became a reality! Here’s Tyler Perry’s 7 rules for success.


2). IMMEDIATELY start a Business and duplicate it Worldwide!

3). STOP WASTING TIME on TV, games, dumb stuff and people. If a person doesn’t have a plan move on.

4). Figure out a way to make $1000, $2,000, $5,000 etc; WEEKLY! Save 40% of what you make and INVEST IT!

5). STOP BUYING STUFF THAT HAS NO VALUE! Cars, clothes, jewelry, food, etc;

6). EDUCATION! Read, Read, READ Books on the GREATEST PEOPLE! SELF Educate yourself! Learn something new EVERYDAY!

7). STOP EATING BAD FOODS! Eat Organic only! Bad Foods change your brain chemistry!

SOURCES: http://www.getoffthedamngrid.com

SOURCES: pinterest.


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