With President Donald Trump’s recent “moves” these past 100 days it seems apparently inevitable that we are gonna go to War. Because so I feel the need to remind every Blackman and boy about the American Wars and our roles in it.

Right now my daughter is fascinated with the play “Hamilton” and the events leading up to the Revolutionary War but she had no idea that the first person to stand up and fight and eventually die for “Our Freedom” was a Black Man named “Crispus Attucks” He was the first to die for this country’s independence in the Boston Massacre, a battle which kick started the War.

A story all by itself this country quickly forgets abouts the efforts and achievements of Black soldiers who fought for a country that didn’t want them. What about Peter Salem, who killed the British Commander winning the great battle at Bunker Hill? Sgt. Emmanuel Stance and the Honorable Buffalo Soldiers? Black men have fought in America’s wars since 1689 while still being slaves. The only payment was their freedom, maybe. Since then Black men have always served to be free in some form. Back then it was for physical freedom from enslavement, today it’s for freedom from a sort of socialeconomical enslavement.

With all the wars we’ve fought in none have been to a great advantage to us as a people. Every instance has us being used and thrown away. In one way Blacks couldn’t get good jobs or use the skills they required after service, in the other some got addicted to the drugs that would eventually make there way here.

I’ve never met a Black Man speak of patriotism in service, and to those that do I commend you for your courage and service, but the ones I know including a family friend who was a sniper and my father who both served in Vietnam hates to talk about “The War no Black Man should’ve been a part of”

If you go through history our brothers, and sisters even have faced more enemies on the home front then abroad. It wasn’t until 1948 that discrimination in the Armed Forces was banned. Something to think about.

Always take your mind out of the box to look back at the situation and what YOU mean to it. You’ll see eventually that you’re still a Black Man in America.


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