The internet in recent years have awoken many people to not only the plights of Blacks living in America but also the rich history and innovations to human civilizations. Although the push for ignorance and materialism is at its height the floodgates of information have broken and the knowledge is flowing. Here’s the top 10 most conscious brothas in America right now.





Rapper turned Activist David Banner, who had one of the biggest hit records to date “Like a Pimp” has been working hard to stray as far away from that label through his activism in the community and the music industry. In 2007 Banner testified before congress at a hearing about racism and misogyny in Hip hop music. He speaks regularly at universities and is very active with many organizations including Black Lives Matter. He promises his long awaited “The God Box” which is sold out in pre orders will change Black America. He’s currently promoting the album through “The God Box” lecture series.




One half of one of the greatest rap groups of all time and now considered a Legendary Lyricist Hardcore gangsta MC Prodigy was never shy about his views on politics, and society’s ills. His solo work is filled with songs ranging from Black entrepreneurhip to conspiracies to secret societies and alien visits. A sufferer of Sickle Cell Anemia “P’s” 3 year prison stint lead him to writing a cookbook about proper dieting in prison. With a new album out he’s currently juggling touring, promoting the book and fighting against unfair conditions and inadequate nutrition in the prison system.



Multi Platinum MC and actor T.I. made the most important decision of his life in the wake of the continuing deaths of Black men by Police. Unable to stand it any longer “Tip” put everything on hold to March, protest and organize against social injustice in America. Since then he uses every interview to promote uplifting messages and teach our history. Dispite his Million dollar celebrity his recent album “Us or Else!” Was released independently by choice and features the conscious side of some Hip hops most “Materialistic” sounding artists.



In the late 90s Mysonne was on the verge of stardom as an MC. With a major record deal and an affiliation with one of best management teams in the game the sky was the limit. Then he went to prison for seven years for a crime he didn’t commit. Coming home to a new world, instead of conforming to this era Mysonne directed his music and attention to the problems he faced leading up to his prison term. Working entirely independent the self proclaimed “5 Star General” promotes Black masculinity and responsibility. He works very closely with Black Lives Matter and is working to create programs for prisoners returning home to society.


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