Tristan-WalkerBlack owned Shaving company “Bevel” turns down a $1.5 Billion offer from Gillette.

This story originally came out in 2015 but I wanted to bring it back up to stress the importance of independence and ownership. Ownership is the cornerstone to success. Without equity in something, anything how can you expect your family not to eventually fall into poverty? All Black men need to think about wealth building and ownership. We live in a country where we as Dr. Claud Anderson put it Blackmen are born with 85% of nothing while White men are born with 85% of everything they need to survive.

Recent studies have shown that in the year 2017, yeah right now! It’ll take a Black family 288 years financially to catch up to an average white family. So the old addage is true: “the darker you are the harder you gotta work” but thats because we work for a check and not a percentage.

For centuries we’ve allowed ourselves to be bought out and sold to. We sell our souls to the music industry, we give all our money to foreigners and like in Jamaica we sell them our land to. Only to later find out they take it and erase the history of us ever owning it. Terms like “Stay Black” and “Buy Black” are not empty slogans. They are a cry for preservation of our culture and history.

A 2012 article in the Huffington post stated The state of the African American Consumer Report found that Black buying power is projected ro reach $1.1 Trillion by 2015. Its now 2017. We are giving our power away. Bevel dosent need to sell to anybody for 1.5B. They already have a built in base worth over $1.1T! Get it?

Click here to read the original artical on Bevel:


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