Megastar, comedian, producer and President of NICKELODEON, Nick Cannon cast his hat in the proverbial conscious ballet when he doned the Turban and took attack to voter registration stating that local voting matters more! Donating as well as being hands on during the recent crisis of injustice in America this brother is using his celebrity to motivate thought and his wealth to flaunt at media and the entertainment establishment by taking his hit MTV comedy show “Wild N Out!” On the road and happily quiting Americas got talent for not “approving” of his recent activities.



Comedian Dave Chappelle once had one of highest rated sketch comedy shows in history “Chappelle’s Show” on Comedy Central and walked away. After realizing Comedy Central wanted him to focus more on race jokes and seeing he was living out the Spike Lee movie “Bamboozled!” Chappelle left $50M on the table and went to Africa. Amongst his charitable contributions and affinity for the preservation of Hip-hop and Black culture Dave has reimerged on screen and stage with a new highly charged political humor.



Probably the most controversial brother on the internet right now, former New York Crip turned “Prophet” Brother Polight enlightens the masses through the web on Black consciousness, removing the false naratives of religion and education from our minds, proper eating and financial freedom. A former student of Dr. Sebi Polight has built an organization of economic prosperity and mental wealth reminiscent of one Malachi York. But most accuse him of being a charleton and an agent for his flashy attire and “out of no where” celebrity status. Nonetheless his useful courses on wealth building and Mental and physical health is the power exuded by a righteousness most fear.


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