Couple weeks ago T.I. posted a pic of him an activist Jane Elliott. I thought it was beautiful to share because as a Black Masculist we show support to those who’ve done great things and contributed to the fight against racism and discrimination no matter the color or gender.

Former third grade teacher Jane Elliott’s claim to fame was her “Blue eyes, Brown eyes” experiment she conducted on her students in 1968 to show them first hand the effects of discrimination. She came up with the idea the day after the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The experiment was done on all white students without the schools knowledge or concent of the parents.

Although the experiment made her popular, even appearing on The Johnny Carson Show she suffered ridicule from many of her white counterparts.

Leaving the school system she re structured her experiment and created “Diversity Training” a program which aims to promote anti bulling, Multiculturalism and teamwork at the workplace. Shes done training for companies like IBM, Exxon, the U.S Navy and the FBI. Her “excercises” seeks to ease workplace tension and to get people working together for a better cause. All from the feelings she felt from the loss of a great Black Man.

At 84, Educator, Anti Racist & LGBT Activist, and Feminist Jane Elliott is still in the fight for diversity teaching and training against social injustice.



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