We’ve made alot of noise in the film industry as more Black movies are being made with all Black cast over the past couple years. And with the success of Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels we carved out our own lane for all Black produced projects.

But in the TV world its a little different. The industry let us in but on their terms. Theres many Black writers and some Black shows airing but none where we have full control. That lack of control limits the Black programming we have access to through TV. It prevents us from telling our stories the way they need to be told.  Something has to change. With the creative power we have in Hollywood someone needs to fight for our companies to break through.

Media Mogul, Comedian and journalist Bryon Allen was just awarded the means to proceed his $10 Billion lawsuit against Charter Communications, the 2nd largest Cable TV provider next to Comcast for discrimination against 100% owned Black Companies.

Stemming from bias against Allen’s own Entertainment Studios Network  (ESN) Allen found Charter’s discrimination was not just limited to him, they dont work with ANY Black owned company. The lawsuit states that Charter Communication’s racial discrimination in comtracting is in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

The Cable industry spend $70 Billion a year licensing cable networks and 100% African American owned media recieves zero! said Allen. 

“Everybody talks about diversity, and everybody complains about the lack of diversity and economic inclusion. Today we made history by doing something about it!”



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