“I woke up and I couldn’t swallow!” Those words made me gasp for air as they came from Ivy league graduate, author, and accomplished film and TV star, Hill Harper.

The author of one of my favorite books “Letters to a young Brother” Harper almost broke down on the Steve Harvey show explaining to him how he found out he had throat cancer. He talked of the fear he felt knowing that at 50 his father died at the same age of the same thing. Luckily he had a Dr. Friend who helped him out and it was removed.

It was then he began to think more deeply bout health and what we put in our bodies. Then he thought, “What about what we put ON our bodies?”

Searching for natural skin care he found prices too outrageous for the average consumer and came up with his own all natural skin care line.

Personally apointed to former president Obama’s “Cancer Panel Commitee” The Cancer advocate created H2L and JUA, premium all natural skin and haircare with afforable products. Check out the website here….

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