The Benifits Of Being A Man Of The Sun!

Are you using your “Black” to its full potential? A man of the sun need a close relation with it. There are countless benifits to walking bare foot in the grass and letting the sun shine on your crown!

Our skin soak in the sun light and transform this light into information that spark new levels of conciousness. Try sun gazing which can better your eye site! Have you notice whenever the summer hits, everyone is excited and full of energy? well it’s not just school is out or time for vacations but, the heat activate our chakras that give us the opportunity to become the supreme being that we are!

The rubber grip on our shoes keep us disconnected from the benifits of the natural vibrations from the earth that balance our emotions and enhance our senses. It’s important to walk bare foot in the sun when we can, it cleanse our mind, body and soul!


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