Due to our recent loss in Hip hop I decided to unearth this gem from my old site back in 2013. RIP Albert Johnson. Heres “The Genius of Prodigy!”


Weeks ago I finally got a chance to listen to Prodigy & Alchemist “Albert Einstein” album and I wondered to myself, “What the hell is it about Prodigy that keeps me anticipating his every release?” For the past 13 years I’ve been a supporter of his solo career and a Mobb Deep fan 7 years before that for a total years of 20 years of hangin on to every line he spits!

There’s few acts that touch my soul, Tupac spoke how I feel, OC says what I think, Lil Brother rapped what I did, and Mobb Deep “Spit it how I lived!” “P” with his cold calculated flow was reminiscent of most street teens position in the 90s, “Young, Black and just don’t give a Fuck!” and why should? “There was a war goin on outside and no man was safe!” He was like a rap version of “O…

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