How Facts Are Confused With Opinions

An opinion is emotion with a collection of past experiences that forms our judgment. Opinion can create an entire illusion and effect your perception as a whole. We are VERY creative people, by knowing that FACT living our lives being over opinionated can power our EGO to the point where we are blind of the truth which is the FACT.
Now if their is two people having a conflict about something I would say 90% of the time it’s blurred by opinions while the facts of what happened is waiting to be discovered. It is very important that we stay conscious of what kind of conversation or situation we are in to have an opinion or facts must be stated to cure a problem. Some people, rather they know it or not use their opinion to hide from the TRUTH.

Stay conscious my beautiful People! Know the Facts and have FUN with your OPINION because opinions are only for entirtainment!


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