Composure-The state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself.

For years opponents of the undefeated and now legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr have talked about not just his great experience in the ring but most importantly his “Composure” Floyd is ALWAYS calm in the ring.

Mayweather knows that at anytime his age, his stature, or reach could be his ultimate downfall. Skill is one thing but in a position amongst the ranks of top level fighters everyone has skill. In a position amongst the ranks of top level fighters everyone has experience. But do you have the temperament to keep a cool head? Everyone “Wants IT!” and are willing to walk through hell to get it but the question is not only can you withstand the flames but can you be cool about it?

Thats what makes a champion in the ring and in life. Being “Cool” allows you to see time slowly and in fact Control it! It allows you to watch as things “Begin” to happen and gives you the opportunity to adjust to the situation “In time” which will seem rather quickly. Conor McGregor said what amazed him most was how Floyd was so calm and never shakend, not even when he took hard punches. He stayed calm and poised till the end. Mayweather said that was the game plan, thats ALWAYS the game plan!

I’ve been going through some financial problems recently and my cousin, Co founder of The Black Masculist, Dewight Lowe noticed my “Art of War-esque” comparison between life and combat and told me “Cuz! You always win the fight, you just gotta stop taking so many hits!” And I knew immediately what he meant. My skill, knowledge, perserverance, experience and attention to detail gets me out of every bad situation. I just take such an emotional hit that I exert too much for the normal amount of gain Im supposed to recieve. I lacked composure. And it allowed me to dwell in my superficial  misfortunes like money, connections or time. But all I’ve  ever needed is the Ability and we are all blessed with that at birth.

Walk “With” God and pray “With” God as my cousin would say and not wishing but Know that everything will work as long as YOU DO! Don’t stress, keep your composure, work hard and do your do! It will always work out in the end!

Black Masculism

La’Var J. Battles, Co founder of The Black Masculist


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