This past Wednesday and Saturday thousands protested in front of NFL Headquarters in New York for the job of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Headed by the consortium for Human and Civil rights many, wearing shirts honoring fallen victims of police brutality joined arms with members of the womens rights movement, the LGBT community, Black lives matter and even current and retired police officers to address the free agency of Kaepernick since his decision to kneel during the National anthem in reponse to the injustice on Black men and women in America something the NFL has no problem ignoring.

But they didnt just protest for Kaepernick to get his job back in the NFL. United as one they, or should I dare say “WE” demand three things:

1). The NFL institutes a policy to protect players rights and freedoms.

2). They establish a review board to examine issues of social injustice cause lets face it, the majority of NFL players are young Black men mostly coming out of the inner cities.

3). They reinvest in the communities that invested in them through ticket sales, merchandise and most importantly their sons.

To read more including Kaepernick’s response to the rally in his honor check out these sources:





PHOTOS:  www.thefreethoughtproject.com






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