If you’ve read our articles on Black Masculinity you’ll know the term “BLACK” I use to signify not a race buta social economic group disenfranchised by the ruling majority class of “White” Men. I use “Black” in reference to the Black Arts Movement in the late 60s and 70s which sought to destroy the redundant term “African American” Heres Brother Ben X and the Nation of Islams interpretation of the term Black. And I agree 100%

Words are from @brotherbenx from hiz IG page.


One thing I learned while being a follower of the honorable Minister Farrakhan is that we have to understand others perspective. When people are talking we cant listen to them from OUR perspective we have to listen to them from THEIR perspective!

For example: Theres alot of people right now who wants to be called Hebrew Israelite, who want to be called Moors, who want to be called White because of status, Ok! I understand that from your perspective I honestly do but when we say our people are Black some of you guys are saying ‘Our people aren’t a skin color, look at your skin tone brotha! your not Black, you’re brown’

When we say Black we aren’t saying we’re a color, we’re not saying Black is our nationality. When we say BLACK! we are saying we are the ORIGINAL MAN.

Black is not a color, it is the essence from which all color comes from.

So when you have the White man, the Red man, the Yellow man those people come from the Original man!- Brother Ben X


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