Growing up in the 80s and 90s I recall never having a Black teacher outside my 1st grade teacher Ms. Renfroe. As you see I remember her name cause she was the only one. Come to think of it not even in my brief stay in college did I experience wisdom from a teacher who looked like me. That possibly could explain why I didnt stay long. Throughout school I was very bright and intelligent, and yes I was the smart (ass) kid quoting Stokley Carmichael and Dr. Carter G. Woodson and getting in trouble for it. Outside of Math, Music, Science and Art, THEIR history never appealed to me, especially cause I was already learning of our people and getting Knowledge of Self at a very young age in my own community. I never finished High school instead getting my GED and studing economics and accounting. When I did go to college for law my “White” professor told me I would never be successful as a lawyer cause I was Black. Everything I’ve ever learned came from our people. The U.S. School system is designed to fail the Black man and put him back into the system (slavery) The success of a Black man is directly dependent upon his educators and their intent. Heres a video detailing the importance of Black teachers. Black teachers Matter. After the video click the link to support the initiative.


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