America is flooded with guns and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it! As we grieve over the senseless violence and loss of many lives in Las Vegas let us be reminded that this country allowed this behavior to thrive.

For over 150 years America has denied Blacks the right to protect themselves all the while protecting the liberties of non Black gun owners who couldn’t even pass a psychological screening. Thousands of white Americans own guns and hunting permits for recreation but are the same ones shooting up schools and churches, marching heavily clad in body armor or spraying out  windows with a hotel room of 20 rifles. But Black men are the violent ones they say, even though the process of getting a gun is a somewhat dangerous and challenging feat. But this is nothing new.

160 something years ago as the newly written constitution allowed its “citizens” to embrace the 2st amendment and freely own guns for protection and sport, states (mostly southern) would deny Blacks, even those who served this country the right and ability to defend their home and themselves let alone hunt. There were even white patrols who searched homes of African Americans for guns! Sounds familiar?

In the 1960s, two months after the Black Panthers, who armed themselves for protection and to protect the people of the community against police brutality marched the steps of the California legislature, then governor, Ronald Reagan signed the “Mulford act” banning the open carry of loaded weapons.

Groups like “Black Guns Matter” and “The Huey P. Newton Gun club” advocates not gun control but the 2nd amendment right to U.S. citizens to bare arms. One of the many rights that are both denied and disrespected in regards to people of African descent.

Although African Americans are less likely to own guns they’re more likely to be killed by them. And with the racist history of gun control in America its been shown that whites are more likely to own them while Blacks are more likely to be jailed for them.

Something to think about!






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