When most people think of Black on Black crime they immediately think of gang violence but as crime and violence amongst a people is common with all races the most detrimental thing to our society is the bigotry and prejudices we hold against each other.

People have often asked the question how can we overcome, and what is it that the “White man” has over us that keeps us enslaved in one form or another. The fact of the matter is that it all boils down to conditioning.

From the days of slavery the goal has been to divide us by any and all means. Beyond the tribes that seperated us by place of origin and ancestry further division came with religion, politics and economic status.

The conditioning became self imposed and has morphed beyond social standings and into cultural identity. Now everbody wants to be Black, except Black people. We want to be everything else except black but no matter what you choose to call yourself, they will make sure you know you’re not white!

The reason we as a people who are so talented, intellegent, brave and creative cannot overcome has nothing to do with the government or any other race. We are our own enemies cause instead of coming together we choose to cower and run to appropriate anothers culture KNOWING said culture will not accept you.

Black on Black crime has nothing to do with the violence in the streets but has everything to do with the fact we constantly direspect ourselves by subconscious seperation.

The Honorable Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey taught that in the face of racism your social status, religious denomination, gender, sexual preferences or place of origin and ancestry means nothing if you are not Caucasian or belong to any group under the banner of “White”

It is by recognizing that fact that we should all see that our survival depends on us. If we’ve learned anything from Caucasians is that they stick together no matter what!!

Proof is in the fact that one of the most successful and influential rappers in history (who happens to be white) can publicly disrespect the president and its ok while Black athletes get booed for protesting against social injustice and police brutality. Now let that be a Black rapper to disrespect the president and not only will the president and the country chastise him but the bulk of the direspect will come from Black people, and THAT is our biggest problem!

Black on Black crime.


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