Yes! That word is the most feared word by man in the dictionary. The accusation of rape is an unforgettable stain on your life that will haunt you till the end of time. People will forget a murder accusation but not rape. Why?

The shear thought of hearing the word brings either anger or fear, and it brings about feelings towards people whether its true or not. Whether guilty or not your life is doomed to a degree. But its a double edged sword.

On one end, although the accusation of  this heinous act could bring down mountains, ending careers and tear families apart alot, if not most go unchecked, so much that it becomes a part of our society.

Rainn.org. The largest anti sexual violence organization states that on average there are 321,500 victims of sexual abuse ages 12 and older. Women are more at risk. As of 1998 17.7M women have been victims of some form of sexual assault.  The unreported cases as well as the stats could be an indicator of meny mental and identity disorders.

But meny still gets swept under the rug like the ones that happen in the home. But what can we do? Stay tuned to the rest of this 3 part series where we’ll dig into, rape in the Black community and how the accusation of it was and is used to destroy the Black man, the entertainment industry, homosexuality, prostitution, sex trafficking and the case of Cyntoia Brown.

Hopefully this discussion will shed light to the self distruction of a people that goes unnoticed.


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