Recently a trending topic online has been the case of Cyntoia Brown, the 29 year old serving 60 years for a murder she committed at age 16 in 2004.  Brown, who was a teen prostitute shot a 43 year old predator after her “service” After years of phtsical and sexual abuse growing up she had enough!

This story hits so close to home as I was raised in a house of Women and often times helplessly had to be the comfort they needed until I and my brother was big enough to fight their battles for them as a Blackman should.

My entire life I’ve had a disgust for Pimps. I could never understand how a man could be so weak as to viciously control and abuse a Woman.  No woman, no girl should be put in the position Ms. Brown was put in.

I applaud Ms. Brown for her courage but again she shouldn’t be in these kinds of situations. Millions of girls everyday go missing and wind up either dead or in a sex trafficking ring.

Since her case, the city of Tennessee, where she lives have changed the laws so a minor under 18 can’t be charged with prostitution and such but labeled as a victim of sex trafficking, but that means nothing as long as this beautiful Woman remains behind bars.

As a Blackman, as BLACK MEN we shouldn’t allow our Women to go through such horrors, nor should we participate and it is our duty to protect and serve our Women. They are the most precious gift on earth.  The Black Masculist will continue our support and give updates on what any and all of us can do to help.

Cyntoia Brown, WE GOT CHU!!



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