Growing up as a man we’re taught how to take care of woman 2 ways. One way is respectable, like a queen. Someone whos to be protected as they nurture the planted seeds. Then theres the other way, like trash, to be used abused and thrown away. To be used only for procreation, and/or pleasure neglecting any mental stimulation they might harness. The first way is they way that I was raised. I soon learned that this was in “theory”, the second way sadly is more rooted in harsh realities. Its said that this treatment was taught to us by the white man and by all accounts you can see that but alot of those ways were with the original man for quite some time. I’ve read about the normalcy of polygamy and young marriages in some cultures but nothing shook me more than when I seen the movie “The Color Purple” Set after slavery ended in a still racist America the movie’s main theme was about rape and molestation among the black community which as a kid was very disturbing but eas very real. It was my first look into a hidden disgusting world with layers to frightening to peel back but is unraveling more and more with time.  This was new to me as a kid because I’ve always heard stories of false accusations of rape to destroy the Black male. In most of the cases I heard or read the Black male was innocent to a degree. The bombing of Tulsa’s “Little Africa” was due to false accusations. The death of Emmit Teale, the Trial of Tupac Shakur, and Director Nate Parker. To this day numerous men have been released after serving years behind bars for crimes they didnt do. This has become apart of the system, a tactic used to destroy the original man. Put them in a position where people will feel disgusted by their presence. Innocence or guilt, doesnt matter. The average man isnt just the only ones that goes through this, celebrities, clergyman and conscious people are enough for another article. Stay tuned for part 3


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