DeShuna Spencer has created a platform that finally  provides original programming, all Black, all the time and on demand.

“KweliTV” is a subscription based service like Netflix but its programs are created by, for and features people of African descent from all across the globe.

Since 90% of the film licensing and distribution deals go to white men, Spencer decided to create her streaming service to give our Indy Brothers & Sisters a chance to shine. Over the past 10 years more and more Black films are getting their just due with recent films like “Girls Trip” and “Get Out” breaking records, and the CW’s “Black Lightning” series to premiere in 2018 before February’s “Marvel’s Black Panther” hit theaters.

The platform will not just provide indy movies, but like Netflix you’ll also be able to see kids shows and cartoons, documentaries, sitcoms and news. The service has a yearly/monthly subscription fee (cheaper than Netflix) one time movie rental fees and also FREE programming making no excuse not to watch. Spencer has partnered with over 115 filmmakers of african decent with material from all around the world.

Check out KweliTV here



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