In 2015 Grammy award winning singer songwriter John Legend put together an initiative to help the formerly incarcerated get back into society.

The prison system is populated with innocent and not so innocent men and women who, under the 13th amendment are deprived of their rights as U.S. citizens and as a result can’t adjust to society and thus go back into The system.

The system, called “recidivism” is just another form of slavery, and for those who are already unfortunate suffer from falling into this cycle. John Legend and a host of others aim to change that.

Legend and his company are apart of “Unlocked Futures” a 16 month program that also includes “Mission: Launch nonprofit” which helps the formally incarcerated re enter the workforce and “Flikshop” an app that helps send postcards and pix to family behind bars.

For more on John Legend’s movement visit his site.




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