Memphis, TN mayor Jim Strickland and the City council announced on Twitter the sale of two parks to a private group. The parks just happen to be two areas with large statues of prominent confederate soldiers

Memphis Greenspace, inc, a Non-profit headed by Shelby county commissioner and lawyer Van Turner with help from donations raised upwards of $250,000  purchase Health sciences park and immediately the city began to remove the statue of late confederate Army general Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Turner assures that this is not just about the statues and what they represent.  He says that we still have along way to go in Memphis as far as repairing the educational system,  the economy as well as upgrading the park for recreational use.

Opponents of Greenspace, like “The Sons of Confederate veterans of Memphis” claims the statues don’t represent white Supremacy.  They say the statues are a part of Tennessee history and removing them would be a mistake.

General Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate Army General, slave trader, and ku Klux Klan leader.



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