Awhile back I read a great article on about #1 Ranked Wide Reciever for #1 in the NFC, Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown and how he owes his performance to this new superfood diet. Working with NYC based consultant, Eddie Omari-Rivers Brown took his fitness to another level.

Omar-Rivers, who of Ghanaian and Ethiopian decent spent most of life in his granmothers African restaurant in Harlem learning how to prepare traditional African meals. For as far as he can remember his grandma taught to “eat from the ground as much as possible!”

Drawing from his African roots Omari-Rivers implements sweet potatoes for energy, ghee butter for its amazing anti inflammatory properties as well as avocados, red cabbage and ginger. Omari-Rivers feels eating “seasonally” eating foods ripe in that season provides optimal heal above any other diet.

With fitness and athletic performance Omari-Rivers believes its 70% diet and 30% training and the work seems to speak for itself. Check out the full article here.


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