This past weekend my family and I joined millions of Black folk in the premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther and was blown away. To date I’ve been waiting around 25yrs for this to drop, yup! Since Wesley Snipes attempt and eventual refusal to purchase the filming rights. Amd although I enjoyed the movie when I walked out I felt, different.

The movie was great by the way. Everything from the fight scenes to the cultural representation, from the #BlackExcellent cast to the sly and subtle “counter racist humor” but what I got out of the movie was something I wasn’t expecting or even ready for: Michael B. Jordan’s “Killmonger”



If you havent seen the movie yet, stop here.

Every facet of Black character was captured in the film, sassy tech girl, bad ass independent woman, the hero who has every thing and the hero who has nothing.

I was shocked how rather quickly they got rid of main villain “Klaw” (who clearly represented white supremacy) but I see that there was an issue more important to tackle and that was the unspoken issues between Africans and African Americans.

For too long there has been tension between Africans and African Americans due to the “alleged” notion that African Americans feel Africans only help the Africans on the continent (Killmonger view) and that Africans feel Americans are still too brain/Whitewashed to lead a successful revolt like many of them did and thus wants to keep that bad influence away (T’Challa’s view, somewhat)

In the comics Killmonger andT’Challa are not related but were made cousins in the movie. This showed the relationship between the “American” and an “African” The relationship between their fathers summed up the difference in opinions when fighting the same cause. The relationship between Killmonger and Klaw showed how through history whites have used our knowledge, bodies and resources to further their agenda. The ease and masterful betrayal of Killmonger to Klaw showed that our issue with  “The White man” can easily be solved and should be done quickly because of the Real issue at hand. I especially loved when Klaw thought he was just “Another crazy American” as opposed to the “savages” of Wakanda untill Killmonger revealed who he really was

What hurted to watch but was needed was Killmonger’s hatred as well as his cultural consciousness. He and only he spoke for every so called “African American” and his skill allowed him to take what he felt was his, and it was more than the throne, it was his identity.  I could go on  & on because the movie was so deep but I’ll close in saying that his death and what T’Challa did in his honor should symbolize the end to our self hatred and realization that all of us are family, Africans on the continent as well as the diaspora and we should help each other instead of seperating ourselves cause in reality we are one.



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