Leroy Eldridge Cleaver, famed writer, reporter and activist became a member of The Black Panther party for self defense in 1968 becoming the spokesman and minister of information. Initially Huey Newton & Bobby Seale, the founders gave a liking to Cleaver until his refusal to go along with the party’s evolution.

Cleaver favored armed struggle to the point of all out urban guerilla warfare against Oakland police and the FBI in response to Hoover’s “COINTELPRO” program.  While Huey felt all though the guns were just for protection it put them in a bad light and favored reform, creating and lobbying for more social programs.

Newton and Cleaver became constantly at odds especially when Newton expulsed Afeni Shakur and the NY chapter, “The Panther 21” after allegations of terrorist attempts which proved to be false. Cleaver himself was expulsed and exiled in 1971 after an ambush on Oakland PD that left Bobby Hutton, the youngest member of the party dead at 17.


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