I read this article and it warmed my heart. Yeah we know of the tremendous efforts people took to not only see this movie but to get children to see this movie. I’m probably part of the last generation of Black children to NOT! see myself represented “positively” in media. My children had the opportunity to see the 1st Black president, the 1st Black superhero to FINALLY get his shine in not one but 2 movies!!!

In this NYTimes article by Kevin Noble Maillard he talks about how he took a handfull of 12 year old 7th graders to the premier of the movie. Disney, yes DISNEY! donated tickets and the Brooklyn Academy of Music provided the theatre. Read the kids reaction after deeing the movie below!!!!!!!!!!!………….

“I want to see the things they have to offer in Africa! After all the media does not show the good. We see Africa as a third world country but its probably so much more!”

“It shows their roots. It shows how much more they can be by just looking a little bit deeper into where they come from, just like the main character’s cousin”

“To see Black people control a whole country and creating all this technology really made me feel I can do more with my brain!”

“For people of color it shows us that we can get through any obstacles that are thrown at us if we work together. We can also help the world by sharing our resources”


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