Its a sad day as thousands mourn the death of Human Rights activist and council women of Rio de Janeiro who was gunned down this past march 14 while leaving a council meeting. Marielle Francisco de Silva, a council women for the socialsim and liberty party of Rio stood for womens rights as well as LGBT Rights and the rights of all Afro Brazilians. Born in one of the poorest “Favelas” in Rio, Franco took to the streets to begin a career of civil service after seeing her friend gunned down by police. She rose up the political ranks becoming one of The most popular politicians of the city and a champion of the Favelas, or inner city. She stood up to the city when they felt the need ro bring in the army to “Take back” the Favelas from gangs. This woman will be remembered as a embodiment of resistance to government control and a Queen not just of citizens of Rio but of Blacks, Women, and the LGBT community around the world. Bullets recovered from the scene indicated they were from the federal police of Brasilia. That and the fact she was hit execution style clearly points to an assassination. We beed to stand with our brothers and sisters of Rio as they fight for truth and bring her killers to justice!


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