Ebenezer Don Carlo Bassett was the 1st African American Minister (Ambassador) to Haiti from 1869- 1877.

After the American Civil War alot of Black leaders were rising up in ranks in all business, agriculture, and government. During his career he served during one of the most dangerous times in Haitian history as coup de etats and civil war ravaged the country.  It took America years to realize the significant economic usage of Haiti’s shipping lanes due to its unwillingness to work with the “Black Republic” since its Independence from France in 1804.

The Educator, Abolitionist, and Civil Rights Activist oversaw cases of commercial claims, diplomatic immunity, and aid to citizens affected by hurricanes and tropical dieseses.

He became an international hero during the “Canal Crisis” where he used his diplomatic immunity allowing his home to be a sanctuary for Port a Prince senator Pierre Boisrond Canel who was part of the coup that ousted former president Sylvain Salnave.

Canel was seen as a potential threat by new government president Michel Dominque.  Eventually Canel would later join Dominique’s regime and later become 1st president of the provisional government of Haiti serving at least 3 times.


Source: Wikipedia



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