In 1998 then teenager Jarrett Adams was tried and convicted of sexual assault with no evidence simply based off a woman’s claim. He was sentenced to 28 years.  The case was belived to be racially motivated cause the woman was white.

Proclaiming their innocence, adams and his co-defendant worked hard to prove their case and after 8 years the case was overturned and he was released in 2007. His co defendent was released 2 years later in 2010

Although his case for compensation was denied he became a lawyer graduating witha law degree from Loyola Chicago University and even took a fellowship with the same court that overturned his conviction.

Recently, the now 36,  Jarrett Adams. Esq; helped overturn an innocent mans conviction in the same state that onced convicted him over 20 years ago. His story proves that with dedication and discipline you can overcome any odds.



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