Benjamin Banneker is probably my favorite person in history because of his exceptional knowledge and skill in the sciences and math.  But the true origin of his genius goes deeper than “His-Story” will show.

Benjamin Banneker was really Ben Bey Emmanuel Mu Ali the son of slaves who bought their freedom. His father was a captured African Prince as well as his mother’s father. His maternal grandmother bought and freed slaves. In his household he learned the ancient sciences from his father and grand father.

Its rumored that his name “Benjamin Banneker  was an amalgamation of his father and grandfathers original non slave names. It is also rumored that he was in fact “Prince Hall” the founder of the first Black Masonic lodge. Of his 7 Almanacs we know of 6. The 7th which actually predicted the future was destroyed along with his house after his death. But heres “Their” version…….

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