jLast week News outlet CNN announced the firing of political commentator Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. CNN has become the premier place for intellectuals to voice their opinions on politics and the state of affairs. Not Today!

The firing came after Hill’s riviting speech in front of the UN addressing the age old battle between Isreal and Palestine calling for peace and a free Palestine. The speech was deemed “Anti Semitic”

Its funny because Dr Hill’s job was threatened before when he showed support for the Most Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan only to quickly denounce him after a speech which spoke only of who the powers that control the black populous were. His speech was also deemed offensive.

Dr. Hill distenced himself from a great leader over a misrepresented speech and in turn was fired for the same thing. This goes to show that no matter who or what you think you are Black man, we all can be hanged from the same tree!

Check out Hill’s speech below to decide for yourself


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