Once again it’s the 2nd annual “What Black Men should do” list and last year we did 3 but this year and perhaps from now on we as Black Men need to focus more on the care and protection of our women.

Slavery was horrible and biologically unforgettable for the damage done to our people and after they separated us from our tribes the next step in their 4 step process was to break up the families. If raping our women wasn’t enough WE were raped to show them we can’t protect them and disenfranchised to show we can’t provide. In a household that is very damaging to The family power structure.

The longest process of the four TODAY we’ve become a class of people that’s disrespects it’s own women when there was a time when they were our equals. A concept lost as we assimilated and copied the traits of our captors.

As the 3rd process of killing off the men continues to fruition the same ones who put us in a position of hopeless and despair grants our women with everything they need to survive without us. Black Women don’t need us or what us but they do need us cause no one will protect them.

Years of Black Women being raped, sold, used and underappreciated by both us and others has crushed the ideal of Black unity. We can’t go any further as a people if we don’t allow the Blackman to create and also most importantly protect the vessal that carries our race on to the next generation. Any form of disrepect to a Black Woman is evidence of self hate.

More brothas need to stand up for our women like the brotha who defended that pregnant womens honor awhile back and stop fist fighting them in the street.  We need to stand up and die for them, ALL of them instead of supporting pedophiles like r Kelly who’s a horrible monster and needs to be….nevermind!

In this generation our Beautiful Black Women are becoming the providers. And instead of abusing her over power we need to remember our jobs are to provide and to PROTECT! If we can’t provide we must Protect them, Physically, Emotionally, VERBALLY, and most importantly Mental! If not you are not fulfilling your duties as a man point blank.

The Blackest and most Revolutionary THING any Blackman could do is NOT marry a Black Woman, but to PROTECT them at all cost! Without them we will die and all of this, ALL of this will mean nothing!

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