When we speak of the Black panther party most only know of the great Dr. Huey P. Newton. People forget that Huey didn’t do it alone. Not only was he not the sole creator but with his time in prison he only ran it for a short time.

The guy that held it down was Bobby Seale, co founder and Co Chairman of the BPP.  Seale was the one traveling the country creating chapters while raising funds for Huey’s defense. Seale was the panther that led the famous armed march on capital hill. He also coined the phrase. “We are not anti white, we are anti oppression!”

Seale himself suffered prosecution and spent time in prison away from his work. Ultimately it was his and Huey’s prison stints and their feud that led to the Panthers dissolving.

Later Seale and fellow panther leader Elaine Brown would consolidate the Panthers into the political party they originally planned to be and took a shot at the mayoral office of Oakland. They lost to the former mayor but not without leaving behind programs that the government would implement. Clothes drives, and the free breakfast program which would go on to become WIC



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